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Posted by Admin on June 25, 2013

Vegan Faery with Sherrie McKinney



Twice during the month of March, together, with personal fitness trainer Sherrie McKinney, I ran cooking classes in Belleville.  Sherrie had several of her own clients participating in the annual Hospice Quinte Dump the Plump challenge.  We thought it would be fun to offer a set of plant-based cooking classes at a reduced rate to the challenge participants.

The first class took place on Thursday, March 7th.  We had nine participants out for a tasting class.  I demoed three great introductory recipes showcasing how easy plant-based eating can be. The class was very well received.   With enthusiasm they first tasted the cannellini bean spread with an assortment of vegetables. This spicy dip is very versatile in that it doubles as a salad dressing (add more water) or as a spread for sandwiches. The wilted kale salad was something entirely new to the class.  The trick to eating raw kale is to gently massage it with a combination of acid, oil and salt.  In this case I used pink Himalayan sea salt to soften and moisten the kale, giving it a wet and cooked texture.  (You can create the same effect by using lemon juice or olive oil.) The addition of the Chipotle salad dressing, fresh tomatoes and hemp seeds did not disappoint.  The chocolate balls were a delicious ending to a satisfying tasting class.


Here are the recipes we featured in the first class:

Cannellini Bean Spread

Wilted Kale Salad

yikes! 008

Chocolate Coconut Date Balls

Vegan Faery's Get Off Gluten chocolate date balls

On Thursday, March 21 we held another class at the fitness studio.  This time instead of just a tasting class, we did a full meal class.  We used an extra 30 minutes to make and serve a full three course meal.  Our six participants came from all walks of life and in all different ages.

We started the class with the sun-dried tomato cashew cheese spread on baguette slices and garnished with fresh parsley.  This spread is really versatile because you can enjoy it as a dip with vegetables or in wraps and sandwiches as a spread.  The salty smokiness of the sun-dried tomatoes really imparts a rich depth of flavour making it a party favourite.  We then made and served my family’s favourite broccoli soup.  This recipe is easy and fast and very popular with children.  Our guests liked it very much.  To end the class and the meal we served our own family’s favourite dessert item, the berry breakfast bomb.  We used the Vitamix to make all three recipes in the second class because you really can’t beat how well it blends nuts.  The cashew cream in the berry bombs was silky smooth.

Sun-dried Tomato Cashew “Cheese” Spread

Sun-dried tomato cashew cheez spread

Creamy Broccoli Soup

Vegan Faery broccoli soup

Breakfast Berry Bombs



Vegan Faery cooking class with Sherrie McKinneyVegan Faery with Sherrie McKinney rapt class

The classes were a lot of fun and very well attended, so I’ve decided to offer two more in the month of April, this time at the Quinte Naturopathic Centre on Church Street in Belleville.  I don’t have the menus completely decided on yet, but I should have something concrete by the end of the Easter weekend. If you think you’d like to come out for a great class, check out the posters under the tag Classes. Until next time, have a wonderful long weekend everyone.

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