What the world eats

Posted by Admin on June 25, 2013

What the world eats is a great sneak peek into the kitchens of families around the globe.  I can’t help but be impressed with the correlation between the amount of junk food on the table and the amount of excess weight on the family members.  I was inspired to take a picture of five days worth of food that I purchased at the grocery store today, but since two of my family members were in school at the time and other was at work, I couldn’t put them in my photo.  There are a few products here that I don’t regularly buy because I was shopping before a party, and there are few things missing like smoked tofu, organic carrots, whole oats,  and mangoes, but you get the picture.

The Vale family eats









I’d like to do a cost analysis of the food and provide a list of recipes I will use for the food purchased.  However, I will do this in an upcoming post as this photo was from mid-May.

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