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Posted by Admin on October 23, 2015

A little under two weeks ago I joined the Juice Plus Company to create an alternate income source for myself in addition to the services I offer as the Clean Eating Chef.  Juice Plus+ has two product lines I really love.  The first is a whole food nutritional supplement which you can take in capsules or chews and goes by the name Juice Plus+ and the second is the Tower Garden, which is an in-home aeroponic tower for growing your own heirloom organic fruits and vegetables without the use of harmful pesticides.

Tower-Garden I’m so excited about the Tower Garden.  For just $51.42 plus shipping and taxes per month (for 12 months) you can grow your own greens, herbs, tomatoes, and so much more in your home or outdoors on your patio.  Imagine the benefits!  Fresh greens for juicing, smoothies and salads, pesticide free fruit and vegetables for your family, improved indoor air quality, and the versatility of moving the unit outside in the warmer months.  The Tower Garden is the future of gardening without the dirt and the sore back.

Juice PlusJuice Plus+ is a system of juicing ripe, organic fruits and vegetables and dehydrating them in a way that protects nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and enzymes).  Available in capsules for older children and adults, and in delicious fruit chews for younger children or the elderly who have trouble swallowing.  These supplements are different from vitamins as Juice Plus+ is a whole food supplement, it is FOOD.  In fact, two caps from each of the three varieties available provides your body with the nutrients from 20 fruits and vegetables. What I like about Juice Plus+ is that it bridges the gap between what you SHOULD be eating and what you ARE eating.  Believe me, even as a diehard health nut I cannot always get in my 12 servings of fruits and vegetables and my children rarely do either.


Now speaking of children, Juice Plus+ offers a fantastic plan for kids called the Children’s Health Study.  For every adult taking Juice Plus+ he or she can sponsor a child who will participate in the study and get Juice Plus+ for free.  Right now I am taking the Juice Plus+ capsules and sponsoring my son with the chews and my friend’s husband is sponsoring my other son who takes the capsules.  My kids will receive Juice Plus+ free for a maximum of three years and their only contribution is a few surveys to be completed in the beginning, middle, and end of their participation in the study.  So far we have seen children increase their intake of fruits and vegetables, drink more water, visit the doctor less, and miss fewer days of school since taking Juice Plus+.  Very exciting.

Juice plus complete bars and shakesJuice Plus+ also carries a shake line in two delicious flavours, French Vanilla and Dutch chocolate.  These protein beverage powders mix easily with water or milk or can be added to your favourite smoothie blend.  We also carry a protein bar that is handy for a quick meal on the go.

If you would like more information about any of these products I’ve discussed here or if you would like a sample of the chews for your kids, please contact me at 613-921-3558 and I’ll be happy to come and see you.

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